In this episode, Sephora’s Chief Brand Officer, Steve Lesnard, explains his most effective strategies for building a successful multi-decade marketing career. He begins with brand-consumer relationships, emphasizing the importance of understanding everything that goes into the consumer’s journey. From researching international macro trends to traveling to observe consumers up close, Lesnard describes how to effectively engage a consumer and keep them coming back. He also unpacks just what makes a great working environment in the dawn of work-from-home.

The secret? Just as a brand should try to understand its consumers, a brand should also trust in and nurture its team. “There’s a difference,” he says, “between where you work and where you live”. Listen to the episode to find out how CBO Lesnard listened to the needs of his team and instituted two half-days a week – with no decline in quality of work at all! This is part of Lesnard’s game plan in making a brand long-lasting. To grow a brand, he advises a few key tactics. Keep a clear and focused strategy. Simple, actionable plans are the easiest to maintain. He also suggests taking a closer look at how companies innovate. Lesnard’s leadership is defined by driving and disrupting innovation; think collaborations, partnerships, and investing. Invest in its mission, its values, and its people. In his twenty-plus years in marketing, Lesnard has learned that people trust word of mouth above all. Take it from a former CMO and Global VP: “People trust their friends.”

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