Direct Selling is the sale of products directly to consumers. Direct selling has been around for a long time and has proven to be a beneficial way to sell products. In the Qnet business model, direct selling helps boost small businesses, especially those in rural areas where many small businesses already operate. Direct selling helps small businesses drive their sales and grow as entrepreneurs.

Qnet offers both online and offline training to its vendors and customers. This enhances marketing skills as well as communication skills from both parties. Additionally, Qnet provides opportunities to its users, such as a mobile business app, social media resources, competitive compensation plan, and sales rewards and incentives.

Here are reasons why direct selling contributes to the Qnet Economy.

Consumers Are Buying More Online

Consumers are using more online than ever before. Online shopping has grown significantly over the past five years. Consumers are now buying 60% of all products online. This growth has led to an increase in e-commerce revenue.

People Want to Save Money on Items They Prefer

Individuals are making purchasing decisions influenced by price and savings. Most people say they would like to save money while shopping online. Although there are many online shopping options, people still want to save money and find ways to get cheaper items. That’s where direct selling comes in. When people buy products priced lower than in other retail stores, they are more likely to purchase them. This is especially beneficial for products that aren’t available in stores.

New Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Direct Selling has contributed to the growth of new entrepreneurs. With the increased interest in direct sales, more entrepreneurs are joining the industry and expanding the number of products they sell through direct selling. This growth in the direct selling industry means more opportunities for entrepreneurs. New direct-selling companies are emerging with more products and services to offer consumers.


More people are turning to direct selling as an alternative to traditional retail stores. Consumers are looking for ways to save money when shopping online, including buying cheaper products and earning income for purchasing the products. New entrepreneurs are joining the direct selling industry, which means consumers have more opportunities to buy products. See related link for more information.


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