Alejandro Betancourt Lopez scaled up the business quickly, and he did so by using the capital investment to help fund the brand’s growth. Alejandro has had success in scaling up businesses by using capital investment, which is why he became an investor in Hawkers. The company could scale up its business as quickly as possible to secure investors’ funding. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez facilitated this by working with financial advisors who wanted to know more about its potential for growth, which led them to invest in Hawkers before its launch. This proved a market for the product and would be successful if it expanded its distribution channels.

The Importance of Management

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is the perfect example of a man who is not afraid to put in the work and make it happen. He originally came on board as the company’s CEO, and he quickly became a crucial part of Hawkers’ much-needed administrative team. His business experience and managerial acumen helped take Hawkers to new heights by bringing in capital investment and effective management skills to scale up the company.

Hawkers was ultimately able to grow its brand beyond Spain’s borders with Alejandro’s guidance. He brought in partnerships with Nike, Gatorade, Adidas, and more because he understands how significant an international presence is for scaling up your brand. By expanding through partnerships like these, Hawkers became an internationally recognized brand in record time.

Why Hawkers?

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez saw tremendous potential in Hawkers. With its rapidly increasing sales, the company would qualify for a listing on the stock market within two years. That would allow it to increase its profitability and provide liquidity for investors. He offered to invest $3 million in exchange for a 20 percent stake in the company and an exclusive distribution agreement with his firm, O’Hara Administration. This strategic investment helped Hawkers grow exponentially and develop into a multinational brand with shops across Europe and as far away as Asia.

Founder’s Background

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is the Hawkers President, a Spain-based sunglasses brand. He’s also the founder of O’Hara Administration, a company focused on oil industry management.

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