According to Alex Pissios, Chicago is home to television and film production, just like New York and Los Angeles. For an extended period, New York has dominated in production of television dramas such as ‘law and order’ plus many HBO productions such as ‘The Newsroom’ and ‘Sex and the City.’

On the other hand, Los Angeles is famous for movies such as Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Pulp Fiction’ and ‘La La Land.’ However, none of the production was based in the Midwest.

Alex Pissios’s parents were Greek immigrants. He grew up in Chicago and attended Northern Illinois University for a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. After graduation, he developed real estate in the United Center area. He became very successful until ‘The Great Recession of 2008’ when he and his partners lost almost all their investments.

The Cinespace Chicago Studios comprises about 32 sound studios, support spaces, production offices, etc. It also houses a camera department and 3D animation companies, all for post-production activities; this has been possible due to Alex Pissios’s vision. Some of the most famous productions from Cinespace Chicago Film Studios are ‘Shameless,’ ‘Batman vs. Spiderman: Dawn of justice’ and productions for Amazon and HBO, among others.

When not busy in television and film production, he is actively involved in philanthropist activities. He is the founder of the CineCares Foundation. This project was a way of honoring his uncle and giving back to the community. His foundation educates and performs job training for the people of Chicago.

He has partnered with Sinai Health System for voluntary activities such as ‘caregiver for a day.’ All this effort is to ensure that his community benefits. His primary objective is to impact all the people he meets positively.